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In 2003 PCS Port Cargo Service Ltd. was founded by Wilfried Gerotzke and started to operate.

Together with his brother Heino Gerotzke, who joined him right from the start, Wilfried Gerotzke built a company which is focusing on offering logistic services in and around the port of Hamburg.


Most of our industrial workers are with the company since the beginning which is as a sign for stability and the very good working atmosphere within our company.

In 2010 we have started a co-operation with 3 other companies also based in the port of Hamburg. Thanks to this co-operation we are now able to offer our customers every kind of service they might need for their Import / Export shipments. These services include haulages, customs clearance & packing of machinery just to name a few.

Thanks to the strengthening of our management and the Know How of Mr. Gerotzke we will develop new business and of course keep on growing our core business.

Our motto is: Unlike any other and we are working hard to prove this to our customers by offering them an excellent and reliable service.

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